Verde Home Concept by Openideas Architects


A rather simple brief prompted the design for a home that would be aligned with the principles of vastu, and yet be expressive of the present. The site, being one half of a plot that accommodated the residences of two brothers, was ideal for presenting both abodes as analogous in planning yet complementary in view. Bringing in the green and with it the warmth that natural materials evoke, Verde Home intends to blend the boundary between the inside and outside. The views from all spaces present a carefully woven canvas with layers of strokes and definition. A sense of transparency is established and hence the coalescence of the two environs is further accentuated. A palette of travertine and wood resonates with the natural setting of the design, whereas exposed concrete lends a degree of similarity between the two forms.

Project Name: VERDE HOME
Location :Ahmedabad
YEAR :2020
Area : 697 sq m
Type : Residential
Principal Architects : Monarch Champaneri, Niralee Champaneri, Nilesh Gajera
Design Team : Sahil Soni, Kishan Patel, and Nishant Chauhan and Zeb Saiyed
Interior Team : Hemali Shah, Aekansh Saini
Photography : Thefishyproject
Videography : Vinay Panjwani