Sarathya West Show House Interior Design by Studio 2+2

project brief

interiors of a private house plays a significant role in defining the personality of the residents of a bungalow or may be a flat in an apartment. it’s a 3 bhk flat situated in one of the area of ahmedabad which is little outskirts from the city chaos.

if we talk about the theme, earthy shades of brown are used along with the wood work with dominating geometry can be seen in all the rooms of the flat. such elements bring the subtle, cosy even luxury feel in the small spaces too. in the living room a circular stone sculpture is placed on the wall behind the comfortable sofa creating a well framed wall and elegance can be contemplated because of it in the whole space. another attractive element is the mirror effect with wooden strips on the 2 side walls in the living room give an appeal of openness and even the space seems bigger than its actual area.

the parent and child room we have combined into one, there on one corner which is for the little one, we have taken the theme of sky and stars, complemented by the shades of blues little contrast to that opposite side of the room, the parent bedroom which is full of rectangles little embossed on the bed back side wall, they are dominating and give an appeal of english style touch to the space. to enhance it more wood work plays an important role and bring more richness to the room.

another room is the guest room, here the emptiness is painted with whites and greys, cool shades because of it a subtle feeling can be observed when one enters the room. we have kept it simple, so that all types and age group of people can use it, main purpose was that a relax feeling should only generate when guest of the flat visits the room. in this way small walkthrough to the 3bhk sample flat come to an end, and still we are trying to bring more simple and rich design to such small spaces so that economical class also experience luxury in there house too.


client: vishwanath builders
location: ahmedabad.
category: interior
date: 2022
size: 900 sq.ft
team: sneha, ankita, rashi, shivansh
agency: vinay panjwani