Urban Repose Architectural Design by OpenIdeas

Urban Repose

Project Brief

A need to lend a unique identity and yet remain in harmony with the context led to the idea, that is, Urban Repose. The narrative begins as earth, stone and leaf give way to a complex and transparent ground floor. This seemingly holds up a more haptic form rendered in Indian granite. A stark contrast is expressed in the rough hewn stone that concludes the puzzle, while asserting its presence. The porosity is heightened as carefully curated vistas surround, mirroring a dulcet melody.

Project Name

Location : Ahmedabad
YEAR : 2020
Area : 590 sq m
Type : Residential
Principal Architects : Monarch Champaneri, Niralee Champaneri, Nilesh Gajera
Design Team : Sahil Soni, Kishan Patel, and Nishant Chauhan and Zeb Saiyed
Interior Team : Hemali Shah, Aekansh Saini
Photography : Thefishyproject
Videography : Vinay Panjwani