Klee the New Contemporary Corner Sofas

KLEE, the new contemporary corner sofas.

Klee is a new programme of modular sofas with simple lines in which the most important feature is the base; a platform where we can place several elements offering a wide range of combinations. We have designed a clever system to easily move the different pieces without having to use any tools.

The only difference between Klee and Klever Corner sofas is the seat depth: Klee is 105cm deep and 42cm high and these measures favour a more relaxed and leaning back sitting position. On the other hand, Klever is 83cm deep and 46cm high, what favours a more upright way of sitting. Moreover, it is more a compact sofa with the ideal measures for small apartments.

There is also a wide range of pieces such as seats, footstools, wooden tops, storage units, wooden shelves, and three different backrest designs.

There is an important aspect to bear in mind: when the sofa is assembled the joins of the platforms are not visible, so you can have a 3m piece or a large 3×3 modular composition, avoiding the usual visible connections that can be found in most modular sofas.

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